Episode 24: Love Actually

Happy New Year, Creepazoids! We’re back in action with a brand new episode. Last week the world lost one of holiday cinema’s greatest villains in Alan Rickman. So since we covered Die Hard six months ago, this week we honor the man by discussing his other modern holiday classic: Love Actually. Join us and returning guest Drew Meyer as we talk about intersecting narratives, different varieties of love, Billy Bob Thornton’s secret fear, post-9/11 airports, and a whole lot more! (Seriously, this episode’s a long one.)


Click here to download! Click below to listen now!


Questions, complaints and requests can be sent to XmasCreeps@gmail.com!


About JW

I've written about movies on the internet since 2009. Now mostly into the podcast game, talking about Christmas and movie soundtracks mostly. It's fun.
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