The Krank-o-meter Lives!

As you may know, we tend to end every episode by ranking each film we cover on our patented Krank-o-meter scale. The X-axis denotes how Christmas-y the film is, while the Y-axis denotes it’s overall quality. Well, after five or six episodes, we sort of gave up trying to visualize that scale for you, leaving it up to the imaginations of our listeners.

Well lo and behold, this Christmas one of our listeners stepped up and provided us with this handy dandy chart! Excepting Independence Day, which now sits all alone on the Yank-o-meter, these 21 films chart our progress during the 2015 calendar year.


The first thing I love is how clearly a best fit line emerges. We’ve got films in the corners of every quadrant except the top left. That makes sense, though, because we’re not exactly in the business of covering good, non-holiday movies (ID4 not withstanding.)

A very special thanks to our pal Booker for drawing this up for us!

We hope you’ve all had happy holidays, and we’ll see you in 2016!


About JW

I've written about movies on the internet since 2009. Now mostly into the podcast game, talking about Christmas and movie soundtracks mostly. It's fun.
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