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Episode 14: Christmas at Peewee’s Playhouse

This week, the Creeps attempt to wrestle some sense out of Peewee Herman’s 1988 Christmas special, resulting in one of our least coherent episodes yet. True story: Our original idea for this week fell through because the internet is garbage, so … Continue reading

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Episode 11: Ernest Saves Christmas

This week, the Creeps discuss the Christmas movie that set the template for all other movies in which a complete idiot rescues a holiday from the clutches of despair. That’s right, Ernest saved Christmas before it was cool. Deal with … Continue reading

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Episode 10: Die Hard

It’s Birthday Boy’s Choice this week as we celebrate Johnny-5’s birthday by watching and discussing the granddaddy of all holiday heist movies starring Bruce Willis. That’s right, we watched Hudson Hawk, but for some reason the conversation immediately reverted back to Die Hard. … Continue reading

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