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Episode 112: Christmas Chronicles 2

Kurt Russell is back as everyone’s favorite Santa for another wacky holiday adventure! It’s Christmas Chronicles 2, a film that opens up the world of Santa and the North Pole, but in the process squanders practically everything that made the … Continue reading


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Episode 77: The Christmas Chronicles

AND WE’RE BACK! Join us as we kick off SEASON FIVE of Christmas Creeps with our new January tradition: Netflix originals! Last year we got things started with the drunken sasquatch escapades of Pottersville. This year, we hitch a ride on … Continue reading

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Episode 34: Home Alone 2

The 2016 presidential race is heating up, and that means it’s time to remind you of all the movies in which our two candidates have appeared. Like Home Alone 2: Lost in New York! In this episode we discuss Harry and … Continue reading

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Episode 18: Gremlins

October is the season for all things spooky and monstrous, and for us that can only mean one thing: GREMLINS! Join us on a ridiculous 70-minute ride through Joe Dante’s 1984 classic about little green maniacs tearing up Ronald Reagan’s America. Right-click … Continue reading

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Hands on Fire

So the other night, the crew was watching a non-holiday movie for a change, when a startling parallel jumped out at us. Continue reading

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