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Episode 44: The Ref

Gather around the dining table, friends! This week, guest Drew Meyer joins us to have a surprisingly level-headed conversation about the 1994 Denis Leary/Kevin Spacey comedy The Ref. What was supposed to be a shorter episode spins out of control as we … Continue reading


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Episode 42: The Santa Clause

Merry Christmas, dear listeners! This year, we splurged and got you a jumbo-sized episode about everyone’s favorite Tim Allen Christmas movie! (And apparently so did everyone else…) Bradford joins us once again to pick apart the kid-friendly irony-laden body horror … Continue reading

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Episode 36: Trapped in Paradise

This week, special guest Drew Meyer returns to chat about the mid-90s Comedy Central staple Trapped in Paradise. If a movie has no fans, can it truly have fan theories? How many George Baileys does one town need? What is going … Continue reading

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Episode 27: We Wish You a Turtle Christmas

This week we decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by watching the greenest thing we could find: From 1994, it’s “We Wish You a Turtle Christmas”, a live-action direct-to-video Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Christmas special! And because we’d rather be … Continue reading

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