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Stocking Stuffer #10: The Twilight Zone – “Night of the Meek”

Submitted for your approval the following Stocking Stuffer: This week, Joe & Bradford discuss “Night of the Meek”, the Christmas episode from season two of The Twilight Zone! When a drunk department store Santa finds St. Nick’s bag of goodies on … Continue reading

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Hollerin’ About Fake Holidays

Here’s another thing we forgot to bring up on our latest podcast…. The day we recorded our Krampus episode, May 11th, was National Twilight Zone Day. I don’t know who determined this or why, and not even HolidayInsights.com (your one-stop resources … Continue reading

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Episode 14: Christmas at Peewee’s Playhouse

This week, the Creeps attempt to wrestle some sense out of Peewee Herman’s 1988 Christmas special, resulting in one of our least coherent episodes yet. True story: Our original idea for this week fell through because the internet is garbage, so … Continue reading

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Episode 8: The Star Wars Holiday Special

It had to happen sooner or later. This week, the Creeps tangle with the most notoriously horrible Christmas special ever made: The Star Wars Holiday Special. I don’t really have much to add here. Either you’ve seen it and know the anguish … Continue reading

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Episode 4: Christmas Shoes

Well, we finally did it. In this episode, we’re digging all the way to the bottom of the barrel and watching the made-for-CBS TV movie based on the most feel-bad holiday song of all time: CHRISTMAS SHOES. Also discussed in this … Continue reading

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