Hands on Fire

So the other night, the crew was watching a non-holiday movie for a change, when a startling parallel jumped out at us. Pictured on the left is Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). On the right, Chris Columbus’ Home Alone (1990). Take a look:


Am I crazy, or does this seem intentional? It can’t possibly have been an accident. Chris Columbus was Spielberg’s one-time protege — even writing the screenplay for Gremlins, which Spielberg produced — so Columbus paying homage to his mentor isn’t so strange. But still, this is an odd reference to make in a children’s movie. A children’s movie about Christmas. Then again, Kevin McCallister is kind of a sick weirdo, so maybe it’s appropriate.

What do you think?


About Joseph Wade

I talk about movies on the internet. How novel.
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