The Fred Claus Activity Book of Fun!

As we discuss in our most recent episode, one of the promotional materials released for Fred Claus was an activity book, appropriately titled “Fred’s Activity Book of Fun”. I picked up a copy of this book off of my movie theater’s merch table way back in 2007, mostly because I would gladly take any free junk they threw at us. Until today, it sat in a variety of drawers or storage tubs waiting for it’s moment to shine.

Reminder: Fred Claus is a Christmas film starring Vince Vaughn, so one would be forgiven for assuming this was a raunchy R-rated fartfest. But this book is basically an activity booklet for kids, which makes us think this was intended for family audiences? At any rate, Fred Claus never quite made back its $100 million budget, so their attempt at making this a four-quadrant hit was all for naught.

Anywho, here is the full contents of “Fred’s Activity Book of Fun”!

Please note that the “special Fred Claus paper” mentioned on page 9 no longer appears to exist. now simply redirects to a Warner Bros page about the movie. Perhaps a reader who is better at than me can track it down?


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