Episode 86: Santa With Muscles

Every once in a while you hit a brick wall, and your only options are to give up or to power straight through it. That’s the situation we found ourselves in this week, as we finally subjected ourselves to the astoundingly brain-dead children’s comedy SANTA WITH MUSCLES. Hulk Hogan basically plays himself as a do-gooder fitness guru who gets conked on the head just hard enough to believe he’s Santa Claus while defending a beleaguered orphanage from a wacky mad scientist played by Ed Begley, Jr. That is the saddest sentence I have ever written.

Right click to download! Click below to listen now!


  • This film is available on YouTube if you know where to look.
  • For more jokes about JO Crystals, check out these episodes here.
  • Hey kids! The real dispair chat starts around the 45 minute mark!
  • KRANKOMETER: (2, -5)

Questions? Complaints? Requests? Hit us up at XmasCreeps@gmail.com!


About JW

I've written about movies on the internet since 2009. Now mostly into the podcast game, talking about Christmas and movie soundtracks mostly. It's fun.
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