Episode 29: Lethal Weapon

Welcome back, Creepazoids! This week we dive into Lethal Weapon, the first of several holiday-themed films from screenwriter Shane Black. Will holiday depression get the best of Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs? (There are three sequels, so no.) How many cheesy buddy cop movie tropes can one movie possibly start? Does Lethal Weapon have anything at all to do with The Karate Kid? Tune in to find out!


Click here to download! Click below to listen now!


  • Lethal Weapon’s latent obsession with Vietnam
  • Correction: Ryan Philippe is the lead in Stop-Loss. (Taters is definitely in it though)
  • AWFUL PITCH OF THE WEEK: Between COPS and Friends
  • KRANKOMETER: (2, 3)

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About JW

I've written about movies on the internet since 2009. Now mostly into the podcast game, talking about Christmas and movie soundtracks mostly. It's fun.
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