Introducing: The Krank-O-Meter!

On our latest episode, we devised a method of ranking the Christmas films we watch from worst to best. Dubbed “The Krank-O-Meter” after our first (and worst) ever film, this handy graph will show you where on the holiday scale a film falls. On one end of the scale, you’ll find Christmas with the Kranks; a legitimate, honest-to-god holiday film with zero redeeming qualities and no moral compass. On the other end, you’ll find Crank: High Voltage, which is by no means whatsoever a holiday film and also has no moral compass, but is at least 100% entertaining from start to finish.

And to christen the Krank-O-Meter, here’s where Reindeer Games falls:



About Joseph Wade

I talk about movies on the internet. How novel.
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