Episode 1: Christmas with the Kranks

Welcome to Christmas Creeps, a podcast about movies. That’s original.

In a nutshell, our mission is to subject ourselves to holiday movies all year round to see if there’s any credence to the idea that the world would be a better place if we just celebrated Christmas every day. The first logical step was to hop onto Netflix and see what we could find. And what did we find?


No ho ho is right. Fuck.

Click here to download! Click below to listen!

About Joseph Wade

I've written about movies on the internet since 2009. Formerly of Something Awful, Front Row Central. Maybe I'll get back around to the writing thing one of these days.
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2 Responses to Episode 1: Christmas with the Kranks

  1. SecretParade says:

    are you just going to upload your podcasts to wordpress? also so far so good. Also what do you use to record etc?? thank you in advance


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