Episode 74: Eight Crazy Nights

Happy Hanukkah to everyone celebrating this week, and please accept our sincerest apologies for taking the opportunity to discuss an Adam Sandler movie. Music expert Libby Cudmore joins us this week to discuss Sandler’s first—and so far only—foray into animated holiday musicals: Eight Crazy Nights! Join us as break the film down song by song, as well as reminisce about seeing and actually enjoying this shameless excuse for a film back in the day. Believe us, it has not aged well…

ALSO: If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear us break down MORE movie soundtracks, Joe and Libby are about to launch a podcast alllll about that! The OST Party kicks off December 20th, when they’ll be digging into the soundtracks to Clerks and Batman Forever! Follow @OSTParty on Twitter for the latest!

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  • This movie is available on DVD and On Demand rental.
  • For more rad music tweets, follow Libby on Twitter @LibbyCudmore!
  • Get in on the ground floor of the OST Party on Twitter @OSTParty!
  • Bradford apparently climbed into a diving bell for final stretch of this episode…
  • KRANKOMETER: (0, -4)
  • END PROMO: For more holiday podcasting goodness, check out Hallmark & Jess!

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Turkey Day Sampler Platter 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! As we gather round the table and give thanks today, we have a special treat for you. Our other robot pal, PAUL, decided to give us a break and bring together the various hosts of Christmas Podcast Network shows to discuss holiday music. It’s a huge topic, and this sampler goes in several unique directions. So sit back, enjoy that second helping of leftovers, and let our fellow podcasters entertain you with stories of the many traditions and avenues surrounding Christmas Music!

For more info on these and other great holiday podcasts, check out ChristmasPodcastNetwork.com today!

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  • Can’t Wait for Christmas
  • Christmas Past
  • Advent Calendar House
  • Tis The Podcast
  • Tinsel Tunes
  • Weird Christmas

Intro/outro: “Christmas All Alone” by Candlegravity

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Episode 73: Iron Man 3

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US, and you know what that means: We’re celebrating another Shane Black Friday! On this week’s show, Martin R. Schneider of the podcast Breaking Mayberry joins us to discuss Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, the only movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that even exists in the ballpark of holiday cinema. Also in this episode, we tease out some of the strengths and failings of the MCU, and dedicate more time than we probably should to a gigantic stuffed rabbit.

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Introducing the Christmas Podcast Network!

Now that the spooky season is behind us, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. (Like we ever stopped…) Christmas fans of all stripes have started all sorts of podcasts to observe the holiday any way they see fit. Some like to discuss the Christmas traditions of yesteryear. Others take immense joy in digging into all the weirdness the holidays have to offer. And then there’s us, your merry band of miscreants who think it’s really funny to talk about terrible holiday movies throughout the calendar year.

Anyway, with so many different flavors of holiday podcast out there, we all agreed that the best way to spread Christmas cheer was to launch our own podcast network!

THE CHRISTMAS PODCAST NETWORK is the brainchild of Brian Earl and Thom Crowe —of Christmas Past and Tis The Podcast, respectively—and they’ve gathered together ten holiday podcasts to pump out the holly jolly goodness all year long!

We’re happy to be counted among the network’s charter members, and we hope you’ll join us on this new chapter in Christmas Creeps history. More is always merrier, and I can’t think of a better way to ring in the 2018 holiday season.

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Episode 72: Silent Night Deadly Night 2

Home For The Horrordays continues this week, as Karyn-5 returns to discuss one of the most notoriously terrible slasher films ever made: Silent Night Deadly Night 2! While the original is a fairly straightforward little slasher film, the sequel cranks things to 11 with a half hour of needless flashbacks and one of the most baffling lead performances ever committed to film. But as we discover, that’s exactly what makes the film so damn entertaining!

Also on this episode: We discover a universe in which Two & A Half Men is the greatest TV show ever made, and we plead with the WWE for a big budget remake.

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Episode 71: Better Watch Out

It’s October, everybody! Grab your pumpkin spiced beverages and your candy corn flavored whatnots, because it’s time to go Home For the HorrorDays! This week, we’re discussing the indie/Aussie holiday horror film Better Watch Out. This film features a couple twists and turns that get us very riled up, so we encourage you to hunt down a copy to watch before diving in to join us. Then again, if holiday slashers aren’t really your thing, we do pretty much spoil the whole movie and then some. So we got your back!

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And don’t forget to take the Great Christmas Survey today!

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The Great Christmas Survey 2018!

Season’s Greetings, Creepazoids!

Last Christmas, we teamed up with six other Christmas podcasts to bring you “The House of Seven Santas”, a Yuletide radio drama told in seven parts across seven websites. It was a fun little experiment, but rather than duplicate it, we thought we’d all ask what YOU would like to hear this holiday season. All you have to do is:


(Graphic by Jeff Westover)

It’s five simple questions about how you like to celebrate/observe the holidays. One of the questions, for example, is “When do you begin to celebrate Christmas?”

The Christmas podcast community has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple years.  This year, we’re teaming up with TEN other sites! It’s an esteemed collection of holly jolly weirdos just like us, who can’t get enough of Christmas and everything that comes with it:

Your feedback will help us decide the type of collaboration we’ll be bringing you this holiday season! Cynics out there will tell you that voting doesn’t matter. Well maybe it doesn’t, but in this case, it matters! We’re putting the power in your hands to tell us what kind of joint holiday podcast you’d like to hear this Christmas season.

The survey ends on Halloween, so be sure to give it a look, tell us what you think, and pass it around! May the merry holiday podcast experiment begin!

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